The Severed City

The Magelands Epic  – Book Two

It’s time for someone to pay.

Killop has escaped the dungeons of the Rahain and fled into the mountains. All he desires is to begin his search for Daphne, but his people are crying out for a leader to free them from their chains of servitude.

Can he ignore their pleas and leave Rahain to look for the woman he loves? Or will he stay, and lead his people in their fight for freedom before they are destroyed?

He cannot do both…
…and time is running out.

Keira lies shackled and alone, surrounded by soldiers while the smoke rises from the poisoned ruins of the city she was forced to destroy.

Condemned as a war criminal by the King of the Holdings and reviled by the rest of the world, she is a prize weapon – a tool in the hands of her Rahain captors.

But no more.

Keira knows she must escape…
…or die trying.

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