Demon Witch

The Making of Abigone

Masters & Makers – Book 2

The Golden Age of Masters and Makers is over…

Fresh from saving the Realm of Upper Down, Princess Abigone leaves home to be trained as a Maker.

Where once schools for young Masters and Makers were found in every province of the fallen Elestian Empire, only one such school now exists – in Klef Mordain, the City of Secrets.

The greatest port of the Elestian Empire, now governed by a shadowy and secretive cabal – where criminals are publically executed without trial or right of appeal – Klef Mordain is a city on the brink of civil war.

Divided between those who wish to join the new Sanctian Empire, and those who wish to preserve Klef Mordain’s independence at any price, Abigone finds herself caught in the middle of a fierce struggle to control the future.

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