Demon Witch

Kin Strife

The Magelands Dominion – Book 5

The Dragon Civil War has begun.

Conflict rages across the eastern half of Athumia, but Lyla and Lahnos want no part of it. To Lyla, the war means nothing, and all that matters is helping Elbannon construct a device capable of taking her home. To Lahnos, thrust into an unwanted position of authority leading the Bullan uprising, the war is a hindrance, preventing him from returning to the Serpent Isle.

While Lyla and Lahnos face their struggles, Leona has challenges of her own. As one of the rulers of the Serpent Isle, she has made enemies – enemies who despise her. With her reputation in tatters, she strives to govern an island that blames her for its problems. With Sigum searching for Lahnos, and Efizel badly wounded, Leona is alone.

Can she unite the island, or will it destroy her?

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