God Restrainer

God Restrainer

The Magelands Eternal Siege – Book 14

Together again.

For the first time in years, the entire Holdfast family is gathered in the same place. For Daphne, however, this is more than just the family reunion she has been longing for. At stake is the future of the entire Empire, and the choices made by the Holdfasts will determine if the Star Continent will live in peace, or descend into civil war.

Karalyn has something other than the imperial succession on her mind. Her discovery that Belinda might still be alive on Implacatus has concentrated her thoughts on one objective – freeing the unwilling bride from the clutches of Edmond. To have any chance of success, she will need the help of others. From four different worlds, a group of unlikely heroes emerge; but will they be enough to save the Third Ascendant?

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