Serpent Dominion

Serpent Dominion

The Magelands Dominion – Book 1

The Dragon King is dead.

On the tiny Serpent Isle, alone in the vastness of the ocean, Leona has never had it so good. Blessed with one of the Thirteen Gifts of Theodora, she has been rescued from a life on the streets to become an advisor to Friel Laimos, one of the most powerful men on the Serpent Isle.

Friel’s nephew Lahnos Laimos has his own problems to contend with – the horns growing out of his head identify him as a descendant of the Bullan – the most feared and loathed group on the island.

Amid the sunshine and palm trees, a solitary ship arrives at the Serpent Isle, bearing news that will destroy the delicate balance of power and turn the lives of Leona and Lahnos upside down. With revolution in the air, Lahnos has a choice to make – fight for a homeland that hates him, or sit back and watch the Serpent Isle burn?

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