The Magelands Origins

The Trials of Daphne Holdfast & Retreat of the Kell

The Trials of Daphne Holdfast

Her first command.
Will it be her last…?

Daphne Holdfast is responsible for two hundred souls deep within occupied territory.

It should have been a routine mission – but somewhere within the shadows of the great forest the enemy is waiting – and thirsting for revenge.

Daphne has a decision to make – risk being condemned as a traitor, or stay to the bitter end?

Retreat of the Kell

A struggle to the end…

Holding the line at a narrow pass, Killop and his twin sister, Fire Mage Keira, stand ready to defend their homeland Kell from the legions of invading soldiers advancing towards them.

With the price of failure enslavement or death, only complete victory will save their people.

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